Using a 7s lipo battery to 6s motors

hello forum.
how can i regulate the voltage and current thru mission planner so i can use a 7s battery to 6s motors?my motors are black widow 4108 320kv and i am using pixhawk cube 2.1 edison.


Good day,
if your escs support until 6s i dont suggest use a 7s battery coz you can damage/burn it.

Edit : I see it has a built in ESC, so the answer is NO.

Current regulation is possible, but not voltage. Best to just purchase a 6s battery - they are fairly cheap now.

hello thanks for the replay guys.
I just make a Current Limiting and Voltage Scaling on the system configuration on mission planner as mission planner suggest on page
and works very good with 7s batteries.

Good luck with that, those settings dont change the battery voltage. Your ESCs and maybe motors are likely to cease functioning if they are only rated for 6S.
Arducopter can limit the current by reducing how hard it drives the ESCs, but that wont stop the high voltage from causing damage.

Xfacta Shawn has right.
You will damage your esc and also motors.
that setting cannot low the original voltage of the battery.

thanks for the replay guys.
i am gonna buy some 6s lipo batteries.