Using 20 HZ Input Rate GPS


I will use a 20 HZ CUAV GPS . I Connected it and it works but i will increase input data rate to 20 hz . in parameters GPS_RATE_MS has 5 HZ , 8 HZ and 10 hz default values .
Can i set it manually to 20 hz ?
Will not be any problem with EKF?
what is meaning of “impact performance” of GPS in this text (increase or decrease) ?

“Controls how often the GPS should provide a position update. Lowering below 5Hz(default) is not allowed. Raising the rate above 5Hz usually provides little benefit and for some GPS (eg Ublox M9N) can severely impact performance.”

A lot of modern GPS receiver can work with all sort of world wide navigation systems (Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou,…) and not just the original US type system. As a consequence there is much more data from all the different signals to be processed by those receivers. Even with the good units out there it is still demanding and as such a faster data update rate may actually provide a worse outcome than having slower rate but more reliable data.
In fact there been reports that in some slightly older GPS receivers it may be beneficial to limit the amount of navigation systems being received and processed in favour of more reliable data.

I wouldn’t set it higher than 5Hz regardless of what the Module spec says. Try it out and then look at the flight log for the GPA>Delta messages and see what it’s really doing.

So why manufacture of GNSS Provide 20 hz?
I think for Fast fixedwing drones it is better that We increase input rate.

Try it then and judge for yourself.

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it can be useful on ground on some specifics configuration. I doubt that is what we want on a flight controller. But again, if you can make a good testing, we can change our position on this.