User login pic is blank

Is it just me or is everyone missing the user picture in the top right?
I think it’d be the login button if you’re not already logged in.
It’s actually still there, but just white on white.
For both desktop and mobile, chrome… can’t remember if it affects Firefox too.

In Firefox the login button shows when not logged in, then changes to Firefoxes indication of a broken link or missing image.

Everyone is suffering this. It’s not critical but a little frustrating. @jpkh has been asked to look into it.

My view on Firefox 65.0.1 at the moment…

Same here.
Mac Safari 12.1 on OSX 10.14.4
All icons

same on google chrome latest version.

There will be a bigger upgrade coming to DAPO so hopefully this will fix also images issues.


Looks all back to normal now :slight_smile: