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User-configurable Onboard Status Display for ArduPilot Vehicles

(OlliW42) #1

The UC4H Display is a small status display for ArduPilot flight controllers, which can be freely configured by the user to show the data the user wants to see. The video briefly demonstrates this functionality.

The UC4H Display supports up to four different screens, which can be stepped through with a button. The data items to be shown on each screen can be configured via a simple ASCII text file, which can easily be edited by the user, and then uploaded to the display. The file is parsed internally during upload and the result stored into the internal data structures.

The UC4H Display is a UAVCAN node, i.e., is connected to the flight controller via the CAN bus and talks UAVCAN. It can be build from available components, namely a standard OLED display, a button, and a UC4H General-Purpose node available from jDrones.

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Have fun, Olli