Use TSLRS 433MHz with MAVLink 433MHz?

Is it possible to use Thomas Scherrer TSLRS 433MHz along MAVLink 433MHz (EU)?
Have anyone tested any other LRS-system along an APM/Pixhawk-equipped multicopter/plane using 433MHz-link? 900MHz are not legal in EU for LRS.

USE 868mhz telemetry (RFD868 for example) it’s legal in EU

Are you sure? Do you have a link to that? I saw that TBS Crossfire uses 868.
I found that 865-870MHz is used for RFID, alarm transmission, safety larms and short distsance radio.
Also that 870,5375-870,6625 is used for telemetry and RC.

It’s not ISM but SRD, and with some duty cycle limitation you can go up to 500mW on certain frequency bands.

You can set up RFD868 modems to comply with the regulations…

Okay! Nice! So TBS Crossfire is the only thing that works in EU then (Europe and EU are not the same) when using 433MHz SIK Telemetry-radios (with MAVLink-protocol)?

Shouldnt Scherrer TSLRS 433MHz work with a SIK Telemetry-radio also on 433MHz if both one of them uses one frequency on the lower side and the other a higher frequency?

Both Scherrer TSLRS and TBS Crossfire with a lot of antennas on its way. Have to test. Guess this one is solved.