Use telemetry send fence failed

I tried to save fence define via telemetry , I got failed. But I can save waypoint by telemetry.
I only can save it by USB connection.

You need to set the serial port used by your telemetry link to MAVLink2

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I agree with @juzzle1 although SERIALx_PROTOCOL should be 2 (“MAVLink2”) by default so the other possibility is that the radio itself does not support MAVLink2. Most telemetry radios will work because they just send serial (they don’t even know if the protocol used is MAVLink1, MAVLink2 or something else completely) but those that do understand MAVLink need to support MAVlink2. If this is an ESPxxx wifi telemetry radio then it’s firmware might need to be upgraded.

Thank you so much @juzzle1 and @rmackay9

still get error when write fence via telemetry.


when I changed to serial port 2, it works. serial port 1 does not work.