Use Sticks for Gimbal and Camera While in PosHold

Is it possible to change the behavior of the sticks while the craft is in PosHold in order to use them to control the gimbal and camera? I thought I might be able to do this with custom functions on my Taranis triggered off a flight mode switch. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You can program your Taranis to do that. ie instead of the sticks sending on CH1-4 sending on other channels, after a switch change…

Even though it can be done, I would probably suggest you left the sticks alone. You never know what might happen if you don’t have direct access to them if a ‘situation’ arose! Instead, I have a 3 pos switch setup for gimbal mode:
switch back (1000 pwm) - sets the gimbal in follow mode (so in STorM32 this is ‘hold hold pan’) so yaw will follow copter, pitch and roll is fixed to horizon) - in this mode I have my right side pot controlling gimbal pitch and S2 controlling roll)
switch middle (1500 pwm) - sets the gimbal in fixed mode - (so in STorM32 this is ‘hold hold hold’) so yaw, pitch and roll are all fixed to a point on the horizon - in this mode I have the RS pot controlling pitch, the LS pot controlling yaw, and S3 controlling roll (not that I ever use this.
switch forward (2000 pwm) - sets the TR1-TR4 inputs for the gimbal control - so a 2nd radio connected on the trainer port can then control the gimbal (so a camera jockey).

This works really well. For the RC input I simply have a Y cable coming from the X8R sBus port one end going to the Pixhawk and the other going to the gimbal.

I also have a switch set to center the gimbal.

Yes, repurposing the sticks mid flight is IMHO a very bad idea…

Thanks for the response. I do like the idea of a tethered 2nd controller.
I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!