Use Sonar/RangeFinder & Optical Flow Sensor at the same time

I had a question about using the px4flow w/sonar. In mp, optical flow and sonar are two different hardware options. if i only have the px4flow w/sonar do i only need to enable optical flow? what about sonar/rangefinder? do i need to set that as well?

also if i use the px4flow w/sonar and a stand alone sonar, would i enable both optical flow and sonar/rangefinder? is this supported or should i use the px4flow w/out sonar and two stand alone sonar modules.


I just got my PX4 optical flow camera module with sonar installed. Controller is Pixhawk. But I had problem even at the first stage, that is loading the firmware to the camera module, even though I followed all the procedure as listed here :–

I tried the firmware from 2 different sources :–

  1. …
    Both do not work, I tried on Win 8.1 and Win Vista with same result.

When I connected the module to the Qgroundcontrol, the module can be identified. But when I hooked it up to Pixhawk I2C port, the camera module has no LED light up. I assume the firmware is not loaded. Connecting the module to Qgroundcontrol is for UPDATING the firmware, not loading the 1st firmware, I believe.

Did you install the PX4 flow camera without problem ? Pls share your experience.

did you manage working them both at the same time?

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