Use RC radio as joystick

Hi, I pretended to use my RC radio connected with USB as a joystick for SITL, is that possible?
In case is incopatible, I would appreciate an answer on why, to understand it.

Besides, why cant you calibrate the RC radio in the same way (directly by USB, COM port).
Any insight is appreciated. thanks.

It is possible. I have tried in Ubuntu + SITL + FRSkyX9D Plus.

looks good, but thats the only one supported there.

This is easily done if you have a Flight Controller running Betaflight. This is my Simulator hardware. The cheapest F4 board and an Rx (any RC sysyem will work). There is a CLI command in Betaflight where this will look like a Joystick.


FYI, all the Frsky Tx with openTx can be used directly with USB for use with the PC as a joystick.

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Yes, should have mentioned that. It’s a lot easier to setup also.

you can setup your rc transmitter as a joystick inside MP, and it will act as the sitl transmitter.

I’ve been trying but my FlySky radio is not recognized, not available in the “actions->joystick” dropdown list.
Thanks for the replies.

you need a driver that makes the radio appear as a windows joystick. im not sure if that exists for your radio though