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Use of Mavlink and Flight Deck at the same time

(Markus Greinwald) #1

Hello everybody,

I use Mavlink and Flight Deck at the same time.
Mavlink is connected to Telementrieport 1, Flight Deck with Taranis S.Bus at Telemetrieport 2.
So far everything runs perfectly, but I have the feeling that the values are delayed to the Flight Deck displayed when the telemetry Prot 1 (Mavlink) is active.

Can I use the two serial ports at the same time?
The protocols - Mavlink and FrSky S.Bus are different.

Maybe someone already has experience with such a configuration?

Best regards,

(Greg Covey) #2

Hi Markus,

Yes. I typically use one for FrSky and the other for Mavlink. I have been using LuaPilot which I made some changes for plane and quadplane, unofficially calling it LuaPlane. However, I have been planning to upgrade my Taranis firmware and try FlightDeck so I am curious on how you like it?


(Markus Greinwald) #3

Hi Greg,

At first I also thought about installing the LuaPilot, but since I am a little bit comfortable and liked the images of the Flight Deck better, I decided to use the Flight Deck.

Running Mavlink and FlightDeck in parallel there is a delay of a few seconds in the representation of the values on the FlightDeck relative to the Mavlink data. It is not critical I just wanted to be sure that the Pixhawk does not hang up. That would be critical :slight_smile:

If the weather in Germany is a bit more joyful it is to try it out.
By now the GoDiscover got wings and it was time for the first flight.


(Greg Covey) #4

We’ve had similar crappy weather here with a temperature of -2F (-19C) and wind chill around -20F (-29C). I feel like I’m living in Alaska!

As stated in the Wiki:

Due to CPU or bandwidth limitations, the actual rate of the data sent may be lower than the rate requested.

Below are the telemetry settings I used on my Antenna Tracker which has multiple Mavlink streams between the tracker, aircraft, and GCS. You can try using them to see if it makes a difference. Also, if there isn’t any recommendation for serial port settings in the Craft&Theory documentation, e-mail them about your observation.

(Markus Greinwald) #5

Hi Greg,

Regarding the weather, you won in NY. But you are closer to Alaska :slight_smile:

For the RC and telemetry I use the TBS Crossfire, since I already have transmitters and receivers from my copters. The range is exceptional and the transmitter fits in the external slot of the Taranis. So I have everything in one device including Blutooth.

There is not much to adjust at Crossfire and Craft & Theory. The baud rates and parameters of the serial interfaces balance themselves.

So far everything works - only sometimes felt a bit slow.


(Markus Greinwald) #6

I found the reason for delaying the Flight Deck display.
It was on the SD card of the Pixhawk.
When a VTOL is in the QHover, so much data is written that a normal SD card does not come along and thus slows down the processor. The Mavlink has a higher priority and it does not stand out with him.
I turned off the log for testing and everything is running syncron clean.
A new Micro SDHC with 98 MB / s (Class 10) is ordered. This should solve the problem.

Cheers, Markus