Use of "Insight SE 5G 1080P 200mW Full HD Digital Video System" with QGC

I was looking for a way to receive both telemetry and video on a tablet with QGC.
My first choice was the “CUAV HackLink”, but I couldn’t by one for now.
So I’ve bought a “Insight SE 5G 1080P 200mW Full HD Digital Video System” :

I had no difficulties to make it work with my pixhawk and a Xiaomi Yi action cam in 1080p. But it was only working with a dedicated app “Tower-Insight”. This is a modified old version of Tower which doesn’t give access to the connexion parameters for video and telemetry. I wanted to use it with QGC, but had no idea of how to connect it through the wifi stream.

So I’ve contacted the manufacturer of the product (ArgusFPV), and they answered me very fast and very kindly with the needed informations. Here is the answer :

step1. Pls download the QGroundControl software from the APP Store.
step2. Open the QGroundControl, and click the icon ¡°Q¡±.
step3. Click the button “General”, choose “RTSP Video Stream” from “Video Source”. Input
"rtsp:// " from “RTSP URL”…
step4. Click the “Comm Links” and "Add"
step4+. INPUT " TCP Link" “” and "2018"
step5…Important, after all setps, pls complete exit the QGroundControl software. (pls
kindly notice, not only exit the QGroundControl software, you should must be exit from
your IOS background.)

I can confirm that these informations are exact, and that I can now have the video and the telemetry in QGC via the wifi connexion with the Insight ground module.
That’s a great experience !!

I’ve not yet tested the range because it’s not yet on my quad. Will tell you later the results of my test.


Thanks. That looks perfect. Much appreciated.

Great stuff! Would you have any videos or photos of the screen and OSD output to share?

Thank you

Sorry but I didn’t take any photo or video.
Try by yourself, and you will see …

Since you own this equipment would you take some pictures or make a video.

I do not own this

Hello ,usually i use DJI lightbridge but now i search a new product cheaper but the same performance, with Insight SE 5G can you send Radio control signal to the Pixhawk ? how you do ?

No, the Insight SE can’t send RC signal to the Pixhawk. But I think it’s better and safer to have a separate RC receiver in 2,4 Ghz.

Hi @Yes21, i just bought Insight 5g for my build, Anroid app( insight HD, Tower app) works great BUT using QgroundControl with RTSP stream can’t get it to work? I tried all the steps you provided with NO luck. I also tried VLC stream and input the rtsp address still not streaming…

Are all insight 5g unit uses the same rtsp address?? Could you post some pictures how you get it work?

Thank you,

Here are the images they did send to me :

If it doesn’t work for you, you can contact them at this email :

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Hi @Yes21 thanks for the prompt response.

I just connect the insight 5g to flight controller board and it detected successfully. QgroundControl detects the pixhawk Flight controller with Insight 5g connected BUT still it says “WAITING FOR VIDEO”??

There is nothing wrong with the camera because using Insight HD app via Anroid and Windows PC the camera video feed display successfully without issue BUT using QGroundControl Windows/IOS app there is no video feed even connected to Pixhawk FLight controller?

I switch to IOS now, I followed step by step procedure you provided BUT still I cannot get the video feed to QGroundControl app. Is there something I missing?

I can’t understand what is wrong.
You can try to see the video in VLC using same parameters ( *rtsp://
If it doesn’t work, try to unlock the windows firewall if it is on …

@Yes21 I just got a response from Fiona(argusfpv),they told me that old version of Insight 5G(silver color) is not compatible with QGroundControl, only Insight 5G SE model(Titanium color) works in QGC.

Is your insight 5g an SE model?

Hi, mine is a SE, bought in 2018 may.
You have the old version ?

@Yes21 mine is a old version, if i remember correctly I bought it last 2017. it was listing as Insight 5G only NOT Insight 5G SE.

I’m sorry for you !
I will sell my SE for half its price.
In which country are you living ?

How to connect Android mobile .this not showing wifi network also

Hi Yves,
Are you always selling your product?
I’m living in France and i want to buy it.

Bonjour ThinkHobby,
Je suis moi aussi en France !
J’ai toujours le matériel, jamais utilisé, juste testé.
Autant le vendre car je n’en n’aurai pas l’utilité.
Contact par mail :

Hi Yves,
Did you get my email request?
I sent it but no answer for now.

I hope this thread is being read by someone…

I bricked my INSIGHT 5G and need help…
how I did it :

  • I connected a serial console to pins inside the device
  • I access to luci console by pressing f during boot
  • issuing firstboot command reverted all to initial LUCI and all INSIGHT software went away…

now they are only 2 access points… I need the programs and also the configurations… I will be very very happy if someone can guide me on how I can do it