Use of external position data in ArduCopter/MissionPlanner?

I’m talking on behalf of a bachelor group using Pixhawk 2.1 together with raspberry pi 3B for wifi access point to the ground station, which is a windows 10 PC with mission planner.

We can’t use gps for our application because the application is indoors. We want to replace it with another system that we have available. The system can deliver us very accurate position data on multiple formats, a few of them are (polar & cartesian 8 data characters, cartesian 8/16, NMEA GGA).

I am wondering if ArduCopter or ArduPilot have built in a way to use position data from an external source that is part of the ground station control. It’s important to note that this unit can’t be part of the flying drone!

Probably good idea to mention that we are new to ArduPilot.
Thank you for any constructive feedback on this topic. It’s very appreciated.

Edit: Not sure if this is posted in the right topic category, move it if you wish!

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