Use NoopLoop for beacon fly in loiter mode!

I’ve been using the nooploop’s linktrack device for flight positioning recently. I’ve set the beaconType to Nooploop, and in EK3_SRC2, I’ve configured the beacon for horizontal position tracking. During actual flight tests, the drone can be positioned in loiter mode, but there are occasional oscillations instead of smooth movements. Does anyone have relevant flight testing experience to share? Thanks, everyone!

there are two logs

Sure, the PID loops need to be methodically tuned before it can work like it should.

Once all that (with no exceptions or skipping) is done, it will improve.

Thank you very much for your response.

Today, I continued testing the switch from EK3_SRC to UWB beacon mode with the PID parameters of the drone adjusted to a relatively stable condition. However, during the flight in Loiter mode, the drone still experiences vibrations. Upon reviewing the logs, I noticed significant discrepancies between the Lat and Lng values in the POS tab and those from the GPS. I believe this is the main cause of the drone’s vibrations.

Here are the settings for my beacon (BCN). I’m unsure if there are any errors:

The vibrations cause discrepancies between GPS and IMU position estimation. Not the other way around.

Improve vibration levels and your problems will get smaller!

The current situation is that the drone flies normally in Loiter mode when the EKF data source is set to GPS. However, as soon as it is switched to the Beacon signal source, the drone starts to experience vibrations. These tests were conducted under the same vibration conditions. I believe the interference causing the vibrations is not exclusive to the Beacon mode.

What you are seeing is not vibrations, those are oscillations cause by the noloop latency. Can you reduce the latency of the beacon positioning signals?

There are some params about BCN in EKF

You need to put the correct beacon delay in there. And nooploop certainly also has parameters.

I conducted another flight test and found that the parameters of the beacon data are relatively stable. However, there is a significant discrepancy between the displayed position trajectory on the map and the GPS data. I would like to know the source of the position (pos) data.