Use different GCS software with a sigle UAV

I was looking information about this topic but I have not found anything. I wonder if is it possible to use more than one GCS with a single drone. For example, I am trying to configure a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube with APM Planner 2.0 on Mac OS X, but I am having a few problems with the compass calibration, so I could try to configure the quadcopter on a Mission Planer on Windows 10 and then use APM Planer on the laptop on the field.

Is this possible or, on the other hand, is this foolish?


It’s perfectly OK to use one GCS for config and another in the field.
I frequently use QGroundControl and APM-Planner2 - they both have the same effect on the craft, all the parameters are the same.
I find QGC good for config, tuning and missions, APM-Planner does great graphs of logs - but that’s all just my preference.

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I had similar experience with ArduPlane, I had problem with configuration of gyroscope, in MP there were no offset for me, so I calibrated it in QGC, and successfully used MP later.

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