Use APM 2.6 for Canon shutter control?


Using quad, hexas and octa with Canon Ixus 155 and Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, is it possible to use a APM-to-camera-cable for shutter control without CHDK-script?

I know there is a cable (got one right here) to use with the SX260 and CHDK-script (havent tried). I havent made one for the Ixus 155 yet since I dont know if CHDK is a must.


Have anyone used APM for shutter using a cable to a Canon-camera not using/supporting CHDK?

I skipped the cable and 3D-printed a gimbal for the camera instead, with a submicro-servo. :wink: Problem Solved! Dont buy Canon Ixus 155 if you want to use CHDK or a cable for shutter.