Use a smartphone as flight controller?

Hello, guys, I’m a software developer and have some experience with computer vision and visual odometry. I want to use a smartphone as a flight controller, using its noisy sensors and camera for stabilization. Do you think it is possible, if so any guidelines and fellow enthusiasts?

try google :wink:

first hit was

I know that guy, but he does not use optical flow. I want to achieve autonomous flight.

i know its old a discussion, but still wanna know about any new updates ? any ways lets say i have a smartphone which dosnt have all the senors required could it be used ? as i have old iphone and i dont think that could be used ? any suggestions ?

No suggestions for Ardupilot.

There is a developer - I believe based in Israel- who has made an app about two years ago for Android which uses regular smartphones as FC.

Also an earlier attempt described here:

Some further thoughts:
Over the years there have been various discussions about this topic, on here and on some other forums. The often raised concerns are:

  • Real time data processing - Using an app on a standard OS may not ensure real time data processing is carried out. A heavily modified or custom made OS may be required.
  • Manufacturers often use low cost sensors - Whilst this may be sufficient for regular use, this may be a problem due to precision and data update speeds. (Maybe be suitable for rover & boat application but not for use in aircraft)
  • Redundancy - good, modern flight controllers have multiple sets of sensors in order to ensure some redundancy. This is very important in aircraft applications. …as many of us can confirm.
    Smartphones usually only have a single set of sensors = no redundancy.

So simply put, why go through all the trouble of heavily modifying a smartphone when you can get a basic and dedicated flight controller at low cost ready to go?

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