USB Drivers on a Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1

Haing issues installing the USB drivers for Mission Planner. Anyone running MP on a Surface Pro 3?

Thanks in Advance for any help.

The drivers are not signed good enough for windows 8.

You need to try and turn driver signing off and then reinstall Mission Planner.

I believe this is option 7 in the reboot menu under advanced options.


I have been using MP on my surface 3 since January…I DO NOT load any drivers… this is something the OS does in the background when you interface to your PixHawk or similar (as I do with my 3DR IRIS+)

As well, Win 8.1 loads all the drivers it needs when you plug in the 3DR TLM transceivers.

I’ve also plugged in my surface to arduino boards and ublox GPS receivers…all drivers download as needed.

Now there is a facility in control panel you need to make sure is running. Make sure the Intel extensible USB host controller is on-line. This handles the USB driver needs for PnP hardware. This device will indicate which serial port gets assigned to the USB connection you plug into. Normally you do not need to check this… the host controller sends the COM port info to the application.

Are you using the docking station? When I do use a docking station port, the serial port assigned will change. So, on MP, check the serial port being assigned to your connection to the autopilot, I tend to get Com3 assigned… look for a drop down box near the connect icon once your hardware is plugged in.

I can use my Interlink controller from my RC Flight Simulator plugged into a USB hub plugged into the Surface, while the TLM transceiver is connected to the drone… and then I use a video capture device to digitize the FPV video for display on the HUD. This is a USB device as well. Works without a hiccup.

Hope this helps.
I too was perplexed until I read on-line how Win 8.1 handles PnP.