USB Data plus and minus to where?


One of the more time consuming parts when fiddleing with electronics is to find out the most obvious things like for the USB-port… do Data+ go to Data+ and Data- to Data-? Or Data+ to Data- and Data- to Data+? (I am connecting a USB-LED-module to the Carrier Board for a Cube 2.1, both have D+ and D-.)

Rx goes to Tx and Tx goes to Rx, I2C Data goes to I2C Data and I2C Clock goes to I2C Clock… that I know. But the above? Why dont write things like that on all pinouts, if it is known, I may wonder. :slight_smile:


The USB is just D+ to D+ and D- to D-

But Rx does not always go to Tx, it depends on the developers of the hardware your using and they don’t ALWAYS follow the that convention.

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Thanks! Cable done, not tested, but it will be. “Problem” solved.