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USB Data plus and minus to where?


One of the more time consuming parts when fiddleing with electronics is to find out the most obvious things like for the USB-port… do Data+ go to Data+ and Data- to Data-? Or Data+ to Data- and Data- to Data+? (I am connecting a USB-LED-module to the Carrier Board for a Cube 2.1, both have D+ and D-.)

Rx goes to Tx and Tx goes to Rx, I2C Data goes to I2C Data and I2C Clock goes to I2C Clock… that I know. But the above? Why dont write things like that on all pinouts, if it is known, I may wonder. :slight_smile:


The USB is just D+ to D+ and D- to D-

But Rx does not always go to Tx, it depends on the developers of the hardware your using and they don’t ALWAYS follow the that convention.

Thanks! Cable done, not tested, but it will be. “Problem” solved.

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