Usb connectivity for Android LG G3 mobile handset for 3dr sik radio not working

The Telemetry serial port is not recognized by QGC (it is by Tower Ground Control Station).
Telemetry radios (on-board radio and ground radio) are exchanging data correctly, but no data seems to reach the application level of QGC.

Are you getting prompted to launch QGC when you plug in the radio?

Yes, it prompts me asking whether I should set the connection as default for Ground Control.
It happens also if I plug the usb battery charger

Ok, let me double check latest builds on my tablet.

Thank you very much.

This looks to be device specific unfortunately. Could you enter a QGC Github Issue with the details and we can continue working on it there.

Claudio1 / DonLakeFlyer - did this get resolved? I’m having the same problem with QGC.