Usability of MP GUI

Hello, Ardupilot team.
I recently started studying MP. The software is extensive, a lot of work has been done. While I’m new, I feel some inconvenience in the software, it would be great to make a few improvements:

  • Perhaps the installation wizard, where you need to select the type of receiver, regulators, compass and navigation, protocols step by step
    and where it is connected, because it is not clear in what sequence it is better to do this.
  • the accelerometer and gyro calibration wizard to optimize, now there are three steps to follow while the copter is level - can all three be combined into one?
  • allow copying parameter names from the parameter tree - it’s easier to google
  • go to the list of possible values with a description in the full parameter tree by clicking on the parameter value.
    I hope the Ardupilot team hears me. Thank you for such useful software.
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Go here:

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