Uploading simple Waypoints

From my understanding to upload waypoints from Mission Planner to arducopter first you would send a MISSION_COUNT (id#44) message to let arducopter know how many waypoints will follow, and arducopter should respond with a MISSION_REQUEST (id#40) message . If I am writing a GCS application and arducopter is instead responding with a heartbeat (id#0) what could be the cause?
The MISSION_COUNT message has correct sysid and compid settings, is there something else that needs to be established between the GCS and arducopter before arducopter will respond with the correct message?

Although it is not related to Mission Planner.
In Mavlink every component must emit heartbeat messages to announce it’s existence this is true for the GCS as well. AFAIK you must send at least one heartbeat from the GSC (component id 192) before doing any two way communication.

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