Upload/Write mission "button" is missing on my Samsung Note


I have a Samsung Note 8.0 (GT-N5110) where I installed DroidPlanner 2.0 (v22.7.10.RC2)

I use 3DR Telemetry radio on my Iris+ (433mhz) and can connect to the quad. So far no problem. When editing a mission I want to upload/write the mission to the quad, but the 3 vertical dots (button in the upper right corner) that allows you to send the data from Droidplanner to the quad is not present. Is this a familiar bug, or is it just me that have missed something?

I would appreciate some help with this.

Best regards


Attmed is a screenshot of the issue

If I’m not wrong, in Samsung devices, the menu (3 vertical dots) is accessed through the menu button of the device (left side of the home button).