Upload Succeeded But Verify Failed


I’m trying to upload a customized version of v3.2.1 (which I have been doing for months) but it fails. Mission Planner displays “Upload Succeeded but Verify Failed”. I have also tried uploading from Atmel Stuido and Arduino IDE but nothing changes. When I load an official firmware from Mission Planner, it successfully loads. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Exact same problem here with APM PLanner v2.0.17 freshly downloaded and installed on a freshly formatted computer. Installing arducopter onto a 2.6 mini board

Had this problem myself and these boards do seem to be a bit hit & miss in relation to the firmware.

I have a dual boot iMac (Mac & Windows 7) and it would not load at all from Windows but did it first time from the Mac & APM Planner.

My opinion is that its more an issue with windows.

If you can, try another machine to see if that works…


I have the same problem. When I upload official firmware release it works, but when I upload some custom firmware or any released version I compiled it fails.

I’m using APM 2.6 board and Atmel Studio for editing and compiling the code. I have also tryied to compile with Arduino IDE but I get the same problem. For uploding I have tryied Atmel Studio, Arduino IDE and Mission Planner.

Any help will be very appreciated.

I found a solution… at least it works for me. I had and old version of Ardupilot-Arduino IDE.

I updated the Ardupilot-Arduino IDE with the following version:
ArduPilot-Arduino-1.0.3-gcc-4.8.2-windows (you can download it from http://firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/Arduino/

You must unzip and configure it as in

Then you have to download
and place it in ArduPilot-Arduino-1.0.3-windows/hardware/tools/avr/etc

Hope this help.