Upload ChibiOS prompt not accepting a "No" response

I have replicated the following behavior with MP 1.3.62 and 1.3.66…
When installing firmware (using ArduCopter v3.6.8) I reply “No” to the “Upload ChibiOS” prompt because I want Nuttx installed. However, even though I reply No to this question it is installing ChibiOS instead of Nuttx. The prompt works correctly on previous firmware version installs, allowing me to flash with Nuttx. However AC 3.6.8 firmware refuses to take No for an answer.

Has Nuttx been completely eliminated? The fact that there is still a prompt giving us the option leads me to assume that I still have Nuttx as a choice of OS.

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Apparently your board identified as Px4V2 and it seems that either by mistake or by intention, that board has only ChibiOS firmware defined in the firmware description xml.
If you really need Nuttx (why on earth somebody want that?), you can upload as custom firmware from http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/PX4/ ArduCopter-v2.px4

Please note, that on Px4V2 the Nuttx firmware is missing a bunch of drivers and some functions since by definition those boards has only 1M Flash available due a processor bug. However it can be only a problem with your bootloader (in case of old original Pixhawk1’s) With a white clone you are out of luck…

Hi Eosbandi,

The board I’m using is a CUAV Pixhack v3. Does that change anything from your assessment?


I tend towards the bootloader issue…

Hi Mtobaya - please create a separate topic for your question, as your reply does not answer or pertain to the question that this topic is about.