Upgrading IRIS to X8?

I’m about to buy my first Quad Copter and decided on the IRIS to start me out, I was hoping to get some feedback on upgrade paths, would it be possible to take the internals from the IRIS and build an X8?
If I bought:
$192 8 - Motor 880Kv AC2836-358 with new prop adapter
$32 4 - APC Propellers 11X47 Push-Pull Set
$50 1 - Quad Frame Kit

Could I convert my IRIS into an X8? Or am I under thinking this, and their is a lot more that would go into the conversion? I’m new to this so their is a good chance I am.

Thanks for any insight.

Not sure this will work, as we haven’t upgraded an Iris to an X8 before.
Know that the 4 in 1 ESC board has an on-board Power Module and also 4 ESCs.

Also the propellers used on the X8 are 10" props.

Not really sure about the connection from the 4 in 1 esc board to the X8 PDB.