Upgraded to 1.3.47 from 1.3.46 and now it won't work without an internet connection

I don’t have internet or phone coverage at my flying field and so prefetch the maps before I go out. After upgrading to 1.3.47 I can’t use Mission Planner at the field because I don’t have an active connection. I tried it at home and if I turn off the WI FI connection I get the same problem that I get at the field - a blue spinning icon and in task manager it tells me Mission Planner is “not responding”.

Any way I can turn off the need to have connectivity at the field?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue no connection.

Also upgraded to 1.3.47. When I connect with arducopter 3.4.6 the telemetry information, horizon and compass headings on the HUD do not update.

Best regards and Godspeed,


Same here. Been wondering why there has been no vibration clipping.

ive just pushed version 1.3.48 to hopefully fix all these issues.

the release was pushed early to prevent a copter fall out of sky issue. but had other issues as well.

Michael, we all greatly appreciate the work you do and the terrific software you provide us in Mission Planner. Thank you :bow:

I second that. Brilliant, and thanks again Michael. Paul

I also was upgraded to 1.3.47 and had issues with telemetry data such as horizon and such, also had no access to quite a few of the traditional helicopter parameters in the GUI. I reverted back to to 1.3.46.

Issue resolved thank you