Upgraded from 4.1 to 4.3.6 - RC Input no longer working

My quad was previously working on arducopter 4.1. I upgraded to 4.3.6 and now I do not have any input on the radio calibration screen. The receiver LED indicates it is still bound.
I’m using a Matek H743 Slim with Spectrum DXE transmitter and DSMX receiver.
When I compare my 4.1 parameter list before updating with the 4.3.6 after updating, there are not any changes regarding the serial or protocol settings. So I’m not sure where the disconnect is between the receiver and the flight controller.

4.1 parameter list:
5banshee-20230417-ap4-1.param (20.0 KB)

4.3.6 parameter list:
5banshee-20230418-ap4-3-6.param (20.7 KB)

Thank you in advance for any help.

Can you provide a few more details on the RX you are using and the frame rate you are using?

Hi Andy,
I have one copter with the speki+ v1.0: Happymodel Speki+ Micro 2.4GHz Receiver - DSM2/DSMX/SRXL Built-in PA and RSSI Telemetry
And another with Spektrum SRXL2 DSMX SRXL2 DSMX Serial Micro Receiver | Spektrum.
Both are encountering this issue

So I have a copter with the second one on it and it works fine. The bootstrap is very different between SRXL2 and DSM. Can you make sure your TX is on before you boot the copter?

Ok, you have serial protocol 23 defined twice - that will be the problem, you need to remove one. We changed things so that the first one rather than the last one takes effect.

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Hi Andy,
You are correct. Removing it from Serial 6, and only having RCIN on serial7 regained connection.
Here is updated parameter list for any who need in future:
5banshee-20230418-ap4-3-6- CONNECTS.param (20.7 KB)

Thanks you for your help.

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