Upgrade to Pixhawk Trying to Figure out Receiver Connection

I decided to dust off the my old APM based quad from the early 3DR days and upgrade it if I can do it affordably. Probably going to use a pixhawk bundle with at least a power module and a new GPS.

Trying to figure out the receiver connection which appears to be the biggest challenge. The 3DR came with a Spektrum DX7s / AR8000. Aside from tapping into the satellite (which feels a bid cludgey) it looks like I have two options:

  1. Buy an OrangeRX receiver (but which one?). Is this the correct one?

  2. Looks like Spectrum makes a new receiver that plugs into the Pixhawk with a special cable. AR7700

I assume that the Orange is the more affordable / easier solution?

Personally I would go with the Spectrum, Orange are ok but in my experience can be rather questionable in reliability. OK if all is setup well the Quad will RTH or land. I have used about 10-15 orange receivers and I would say about 5 of them I have binned because of one thing or another.