Upgrade to 3.1.3?

Should we do it ???

You should anyways update your firmware as soon as it is released as it always done to fix bugs in the code. Not upgrading simply means giving your board the chance to malfunction if the bug strikes.

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I come from the world of DJI, where new firmware always has a surprise in the form of a new unexpected clanger of a bug, nonetheless I’ve trusted 3DR and applied this update. Fingers crossed I won’t be back here crying later.

That is why I asked??? I was wondering if 3DR did any testing with Iris.

Normally I wait a few weeks for early adopters to find the bugs…

There is testing that goes on prior to a release, I’m not sure how formal that is though. I did see 3DR had an advert for a proper qualified QA tester so that’s reassuring, at least they understand the need for formal testing for UAV technology.

I’ve tested the new firmware last night alas my IRIS came home in 2 pieces :laughing: but I don’t think it was anything to do with the firmware release as I was trying a 3 axis gimbal at the same time and I think the IRIS with Tarot param file doesn’t quite work,

I flew it through 2 MaxAmps batteries without the gimbal and it worked spot on even with some fairly robust flying (well as robust as you can be in GPS - I’ve no acro skills).

We fly full release candidates for weeks to months before pushing them out as a release.
Full releases look like 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1 etc

and 3.1 was tested for about 6 months with > 50,000 hours of testing

Even then though we do have bugs that get though. 3.1.3 is a bug fix for 3.1 with one feature changed and in a few days we will release 3.1.4 with 2 more potential issues corrected.

3.2 has been in development and testing since Dec and will be released in late June.