Upgrade SIK Radio - Both Ends?

I want to use my new 915MHz telemetry radio and am able to see the parameters in the Mission Planner SIK Radio setup screen. I am able to see and change any of the operating parameters and copy them to the remote unit connected to the Navio2.

Are both the near end radio (connected to PC running MP) and the far end radio (connected to Navio2) upgraded? If not, then how do I upgrade the radio unit on the far end?

Also, how can I tell what firmware release was applied? It said version 1.9 before I upgraded, and still says 1.9 after.

Please advise. Thanks,


1.9 is the latest and has been since 2014.

Ok, thanks Dave.

I continued reading and figured out that I would have to wire up an FTDI adapter to upgrade the air-side unit, however; since it is already showing to be at version 1.9 so I’m good to go.

The apparent range, penetration (through my house) and data rate is just not what I thought it would be. I’m going to try a USB extension cable and place the ground unit up into the air about six feet and see if that improves the performance.

The experiments continue. Thanks again.