Updating Firmware with RPi Over Serial


I am wondering if it is possible to update the firmware on a mRo ControlZero H7 OEM through its serial port with an RPi (instead of an FTDI connector). Intent is to plug an RPi into an external serial port with the firmware on the SD card and direct it to load the firmware through this instead of unbuttoning the aircraft and plugging into the FCU via USB.

From this post here I know that this depends on the board and its hwdef file, but I am not sure what I am actually looking for to verify this.

The ControlZeroH7OEM hwdef-bl.bat has the following:

> # order of UARTs (and USB)

Is this adequate to ensure this will work? If so, how can I tell which port (telem or otherwise) that OTG1 is on the board?

Thank you!

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OTG1 is usb. Have a look at the main hwdef for the control zero, figure out what uart is connected to the Pi, and add that uart to the list in the bootloader hwdef. You’ll then need to compile the bootloader, and upload it to the flight controller.