update version 1.3.68 a 1.3.69

Hello, I would like to know what is new in version 1.3.68 and 1.3.69 and especially where is the function to make polygons to create missions.

In flight plan, right click on map and select “add polygon”
Make a polygon and use “auto WP” option and select survey grid.

Hello, thank you for the answer.
I am using a glider mission in the field of agriculture and I would be interested in some of the functions that it would be necessary for the work of a jumbo drone to be optimized. He would have to go to the next one when he made a turn like a plane inside the working polygon.
thanks for adding the speed function in simplegrid. it would miss the flight time and the number of clicks to be displayed below in the stats frame.
thank you for your response and your reactivitée