Update to MissionPlanner 1.3.79, now doesn't load Shapefile in PLAN module


I just update MissionPlanner to version 1.3.79. Now is not possible to upload Shapefile (*.shp) to use in PLANE tag. Appear the following error message.

can you post a sample shape file?

Hi Michael
referenceGEO.zip (4.4 KB)

I attached it. I just use this file yesterday, with the previous version, working in good shape. I tried with another shape file with the same problem…

thank you for your time, and your amazing work.

juan pablo

I’m also been having some challenges importing SHP to Mission Planner

Normally I just ignore the warning and outline the KML overlay with a polygon, but this particular SHP is a bit more complex: Link to shapefiles via WeTransfer

latest beta should now work

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Thanks @Michael_Oborne . Works perfectly again.

the fix wasnt as staight forward as it should have been, as it was breaking the osx/ios and android builds

Thank your Michael, I have been using a legacy version waiting for news…thank again