Update to 3.8.2 reversed aileron servo actions

I just updated from what I believe was a beta version of 3.8 to 3.8.2. When arming the plane in manual mode and testing control responses from my RC transmitter, I found that the aileron action had reversed (pushing the right joystick toward the left caused the left aileron to deflect upward, right aileron downward) as had flaperon action – the knob to lower flaps actually deflected them upward. In short, in both contexts the aileron servos were moving opposite to their response prior to the update. I didn’t have the tail attached so couldn’t test other responses.

My question is whether there was that big of a change from 3.8 beta to 3.8.2 to explain this reversal, or did the update do something else to clobber my settings? What else might I need to look at before even thinking about flying?

There were a lot of changes in the beta versions. The upgrade testing I did was primarily from the last stable release (which was 3.7.x) to the new 3.8.x stable release. I tried to make that upgrade go as smoothly as possible.

Have you read through the migration guide?

Make sure you do careful ground checks for both manual input and stabilization in FBWA mode (not just stick input in FBWA, but check the plane corrects in the right directions when rolled and pitch with no stick inputs).

My apologies for the confusion that this change has caused. It should be the last major change in how control surfaces are setup for a long time.
Cheers, Tridge

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