UPDATE the developer wiki: how to build Ardupilot Project

First to congratulate for this amazing project, thank you for all the hard work to the community.

I would like to REQUEST for the more advance developers to Update the wiki information regarding how to build the Autopilot, because it is outdated ( at least for the Windows OS).

I have spend two days trying to compile the Ardupilot ( the latest version) in a Windows platform without success. I have try all the wikis:
-Using arduino, which it is not longer supported in the newer versions
-Using make in windows. Get error like “/bin/sh: g: command not found” while using the “make apm2” over the ArduPlane folder.
-Using Eclipse CDT and cygwin. Similar Error like using “make”

Right now I can build an older version, using the Arduino method :wink:

I agree. I am using Windows 8 with Eclipse and I try to build the ArduPlane firmware using ‘make’ in Eclipse, just like on this page:

dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/editing-t … h-eclipse/

I have included my error message. I have tried to follow directions exactly as they tell me, but when I try the last step that involves clicking the ‘hammer and green target’ symbol to build the firmware, I get a PATH error in Eclipse. Is there something wrong with make? Are the make files not in the right directory/place where they should be? Updating these pages would sure help beginners out like me a lot :wink: .