Update of Windows 10 causes Pixhawk problem

I had everything configured and tested this morning indoors, and was ready to launch a quadcopter with a Pixhawk, Everything looked great. However when I went outside with my laptop and opened Mission Planner, I discovered that Microsoft was pushing a Win10 update. So I went inside and waited for a long update process to conclude. Then I plugged the Pixhawk in with a USB cable. This time their were the usual startup sounds, however now followed by a solid red LED, and the sound “DEE dah dah”. Not seeing that sound on the wiki, does anyone have some ideas? The device is recognized in Device Manager on COM4.

I should mention that a few weeks ago I updated a Samsung laptop to Win10. A few issues, but nothing major.

There may be a clue in what I next discovered. On a hunch, I plugged the LiPo in, and the same red light and sound was heard… but this time followed by the typical startup sounds and everything now appears to be functional on the quad. But not so fast. I then used the USB cable and had the same problem result as first reported. To me, this sounds like a (new) incompatibility between my laptop and MP, thanks to the latest MS update of WIn10. The update took many minutes, with a few auto-restarts.

False alarm. I should know better than to troubleshoot while having a cold. I did one last thing before going outside: remove the SD card. I forgot to re-insert it.

This “problem” has been solved.