Update issue.Controls reversed

OK just did the update now my controls are all reversed,what happened

Like the throttle is on the right side now.quick fix?

Any help here? I don’t get it.

Your not giving us much info to go on.
What controls?
What update?
What are you using?

Now you have the throttle on the right side you are in Mode 1 which is what I fly.
Are you saying you want it on the left?
Did you check the radio calibration page?
There is a mode selection there.

Thank you,some how with the most recent update,it changed modes from 2 to 1. MP 1.3.40 Build 1.1.6105.13696,what is with this 1.30.40? APM 3.2.1

I also have a Dos screen hanging up

Where in the radio calibration is the mode settings?

Just had a look in the new version and it is not there.
Not sure what the go is there.

The other approach is the RC Channel mapping.
The details are here

Thank you,yep that’s what I am going to do.kinda lame it did this to me,and lost all my settings