Update 3.1.5 --> 3.2

Hi guys,

I’ve just updated from APM 3.1.5 to APM 3.2 (Arducopter, for my Quad).

Will I need to recalibrate the compass or anything else?

The compass inclinations in the mission planner look fine & correct.

Many thanks and all the best,

Yes you will need to redo the compass as 3.2 now uses both the internal Pixhawk compass and the External compass and will generate two sets of offsets.


Hi Mike,

many thanks. I’m using APM (not Pixhawk) with an external compass (the internal one is cut/deactivated). Do I still need to redo the calibration in this case?

Many thanks and all the best,

Yes, I believe so. I would think that you should even been getting a “warning, compass not calibrate” pre-arm check, unless you turned them off?

Yes, I did get the warning, however I was not sure if it affects me, since the compass worked fine in mission planner.

I will recalibrate tonight.

Other than compass recalibrations, all other things should still work (like compassmot, etc.) - right?

Do I need to re-run any other procedure after the update?

Many thanks and all the best,

I’m not sure, but it might be best to re-run compassmot. I think you also need to redo the accelerometer calibration. This is because starting with 3.2, the program will look at the second accelerometer chip for redundancy. This chip would not have been calibrated with 3.1.5 because that code just ignored it. 3.2 wants to see it calibrated. I expect you’d get a “prearm: accel not calibrate” shortly after you do the compass calibration.

Many thanks again for your reply. Better save than sorry - I will simply re-run the complete procedure :slight_smile: