Up to AU$1k for Canberra developer meetup [Approved]

Planned amount $$ (USD): approx US$800

Estimated time for completion: February 17-18 2018

I’d like to get up to AU$1k allocated for the upcoming ArduPilot developer meetup in Canberra. The only fixed cost at this stage is the room and projector hire, which is AU$500 for 2 days, but there are likely to be some other small costs (eg. morning tea supplies), so I’d like a limit of AU$1k and I will provide receipts for what is spent.


Thanks for the proposal, we are currently looking at it but I don’t think it will be a problem.

Thanks Tridge for all the organization!


We’ve discussed the proposal and there’s some “slack” on the proposed amount you’ve requested…ie if required to go over, it’s already approved :slight_smile: