Unwanted Yaw during auto missions

Hello everyone!

I was having a difficult time finding a solution to my problem that during auto missions, the plane faces away from the desired heading, that is it should have its nose pointed towards the waypoint but it maintains some kind of an angle during the said leg.

A tlog for the flight is attached for anyone willing to help. Or maybe just point me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance.


Hey, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately plane firmware 4.0.2 does not contain any such parameter. I had already looked it up.

Weird situation i am finding myself in.

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My bad. Apparently I can’t read. I assumed copter :roll_eyes:

Let me do a bit more digging.

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This seems like the only parameter that would make sense to me… Have you played with any of them yet?


Note: This parameter is for advanced users

This controls the weight the compass or GPS has on the heading. A higher value means the heading will track the yaw source (GPS or compass) more rapidly.

Range Increment
0.1 - 0.4 .01

Hey. Thanks for your input. I have had a look at that. However, this does not seem to relate to my issue. the plane tracks well in other modes, RTL and FBWA and points to where it should. The only issue is while auto mission, it has its nose pointed at an angle from the waypoint its moving towards.

If you take a look at the tlog at around 14:17 when moving northward, you can see my point.

Do you have the dataflash log from the plane itself? The tlog doesn’t show everything salient…

The dataflash log is attached in the following location


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Hi again, Any pointers?

Hey, sorry! I’ve not had a chance to look over it yet.

Did you have a cross wind for the flight?

Yes I did. Does that explain the behaviour?

Furthermore, i would like to add that there was no autotune performed on the vehicle at the time of flying.

Have you ever watched ‘real’ planes taking off and landing in a cross wind
Like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxoacmb7zxY

Your plane will do the same heading towards a waypoint in a cross wind


How dumb. Apologies for wasting your and everyone elses time.

Thanks though!