Unwanted forward motion

Hello all.

I’m working on my first drone and did some live testing for the first time yesterday.

When I was trying to take off from the ground the drone wanted to fly forward. When I had full pitch(stick up) the drone stopped flying forward and instead held steady and moved only upwards when I gave it throttle.

Not sure what the problem is/was. I will now have to wait for the weekend until further testing, but I did notice that sensors indicated 3deg downward angle, so I have now re-calibrated the axis sensors.

what do you guys think? Is it likely that the sensor was the cause of it?
Is there any configuration parameters that I should double check?

The hardware Im using is
4 motors 890kv
4 Multistar BL-heli S ESC’s
10*4.7" props
F450 frame.

If pitch stick up stopped forward flight then it’s backwards. And a poor or not completed accelerometer calibration will cause what you are experiencing.

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As @dkemxr pointed out your pitch is backwards which can be fixed at your Transmitter.
Recalibrate you RC as well as redoing your accelerometer calibration carefully.

I have had a Pixracer do this in roll that no amount of calibration would fix.
Ended up I just erased the board and reloaded the Arducopter code to fix it.
But your running Navio so I would not have expected this.

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thanks for all the input.
Will be testing on Saturday, hard to get home from work before the daylight disappears. Did some calibrations again (I hope its something simple like this).

@mboland, it might be software related. If the above doesn’t help, then it might be worth to try “reinstalling” the system from scratch again.

The calibration fixed the issue.
I guess, you never can be to careful when calibrating :slight_smile: