Unwanted behaviour(bug?) when use joystick while connected to multiple vehicle

Hello, the question is as follows:

Mission Planner 1.3.80
2 * WSL Ubuntu for SITL (Installed from Microsoft Web Store)
(One for boat simulation and one for plane simulation)
(Reason for using this : I’m using Ubuntu on WSL to run SITL because Mission Planner’s embedded SITL does not support simulation of multiple types of vehicles simultaneously.)

[What I want to do]
I want to code and test mission planner plugins for the interaction between planes and boats. during testing, I need to be able to control the plane by joystick.

[The Problem]
The joystick cannot be dynamically assigned to the plane while multiple vehicle is connected to mission planner.

Even if the plane is selected in the mission planner’s multiple connection list (in the data tab, in the top right corner), enabling the joystick in the setup tab does not allow me to control the plane.

When I move the joystick, the boat moves instead!! even if the plane is selected in the multiple connection list. I was very embarassed.

It seems that only the connection order is important. If I connect the plane first, it can be controlled by the joystick. However, if I connect the boat first, the joystick controls the boat.

[Reason for asking this]
I want to make ardupilot’s use to all people’s good at sea.

Since I will be operating a very expensive VTOL on ships, I am concerned about the interaction and unwanted behavior between the boat and the plane.

because I have already observed unwanted behavior in multi-connection situation, I am very concerned.(Actually, I have seen another bug that flight mode in action tab is messed up when multiple vehicle is connected.)

Will there be any unwanted behavior like this on mission planner when I connect both the boat and the plane?

Additionally, how can I control the plane using the joystick when I connect the boat first to the mission planner and then the plane?

Are you using different sysID- on the vehicles ?

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Thank you for bringing up that point.

The parameter “SYSID_THISMAV” was set to 1 in both the plane and the boat.

I also looked into the Mavlink inspector and noticed that even when I switch from boat to plane, the number 1 remains the same.

Additionally, I believe I can obtain the sysid from the connection list[from the number 14550-1], and the number is also 1.


After change sysid, joystick works like charm.

Thank you very much.

But one thing seems strange.

After I changed the sysid of the plane, the plane symbol’s color switched from red to black.

the color remains black even when I reconnects

icons colors are based on the sysid. This is normal. change to other id for more color ! :slight_smile:

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