Unusual Roll and Pitch

Hello People,

I’m pretty new to the operation of Quad copters and I encountered an unusual roll and pitch motions during flight. If anybody can help me figure out what exactly might have happened and possible solution, it would be amazing. I have attached log below

Have you followed the mandatory initial tunning instructions in mission planner?

And update to ArduCopter 4.4.0, you are using 4.0

Update to the latest firmware.

Set up a notch filter. Look up throttle based filtering. Managing Gyro Noise with the Dynamic Harmonic Notch Filters — Copter documentation

Once the filtering is setup then you can look to re-running autotune.

You might also want to look at running Magfit to improve the compass calibration. Refining Calibration Parameters using a Flight Log — Copter documentation

The battery voltage looks really low. If that’s a LiPo battery you’re destroying it by running it so low.

In addition to what @Allister said one of the 1st things you check well before running Auto Tune is if the outputs are oscillating. They are:

After updating the firmware set these parameters:
And set these as per the Initial Tuning Parameters:

Thank you for your reply, will work on notch filter and magfit. Will update progress once done

FYI I use Li-Ion 4S battery