Unusual phenomenon of coaxial reversal drones

Hi, I have made a huge coaxial drone now.
I have now uploaded the Copter-3.5 firmware to Pixhawk.
The Frame Class is set to 9 (coaxial).

Over the past six months, wobbling has been consistently demonstrated in the Tethered Hover Test.

Now the problem is solved.

The cause was the 90 ° phase angle, which is the basic principle of the helicopter.
I turned all the equipment including Pixhawk counterclockwise 55 degrees.

I think this problem is very interesting and needs to be understood.
I would like to upload videos, but I will post the video later because it is one of the national projects.

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hey,your work is really nice,could you provide mre detial,tahnks

Hello, can you send me a link to the firmware source code?