Unusual octocopter crash

Hi guys,

Our customer had a crash with one of our large copters.
Customer reported normal flying in auto mode until there was a large oscillation in pitch/roll. He took over in loiter mode but had to bring it down since there was not much control.

I would like to get a second opinion on the data attached. I noticed a lot of vibration and suspect that one of the motors may have twisted in flight. I also see that there was a GPS glitch before the crash.


Any input will be appreciated!

Looks like Y vibes and RX errors increased right before the oscillations started and Loiter by Radio. The GPS glitch might just be a symptom of the oscillations since HDOP was rising fast once the craft was getting out of control.
In my inexperienced opinion, looks like a mechanical issue, something coming loose.

The vehicle was certainly yawing when it didn’t want to. That supports
your theory.

And yes, those vibrations are Not Good. And the magnetic innovations are
constantly climbing.