Unussually high cpu usage from mission planner

Hello, after updating mission planner according to the service bulletin from a while back ive been noticing that something has been causing my Laptops fans to kick on quiet frequently and I’ve come to notice that its mission planner? Please see screenshot. Its kind of bizarre that mission planner by itself is using 80% of my CPU sometimes.

need more info.

is it on startup? or all the time?

on startup it does scan logs etc. but should go to like 1% after a short time.

you can try turn on the console to see if its doing stuff

goto Help > and tick the show console window option

It happens most of the time. Have noticed that it happens when using UAVCAN to update firmware on Here 2 gps’s. I will post screenshots of some of the errors i get.

try waiting till the name field fills in before clicking update. my guess is thats the cause of that message.

ill check the cpu usage while in that screen

I think im going to try uninstalling and then reinstalling, because I can’t seem to write waypoints either anymore. Here is what the console said in the screenshot.
Also I cant seem to replicate the high cpu usage anymore, but it was happening when I was using a cube black running 3.7.0-dev and using it with UAVCAN to change some bad firmware/bootloader in some HERE2’s I had.