Unstable RTL with Quadplane

I’ve been doing some auto mission tests with my Quadplane and using the hybrid RTL option at the end of the mission to land. The plane flies close to the landing point and then the vertical motors come on as expected. After this it’s quite unstable and it even did two flat spins 360 degrees opposite directions before arriving over the landing point and then becoming quite stable during the final landing stage. I could use some help in how to correct this.

I think the flash file is truncated as I don’t see any RTL towards the end and I did get a verbal warning about I/O heartbeat and logs towards the end of the flight.

Flash log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwulc1uix0jveq7/00000006.BIN?dl=0
TLog here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mkcy24aptjrtjbq/2017-07-16%2013-19-26.tlog?dl=0

DataFlash logging problem still exists and discussed in No IO Thread Heartbeat

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Glad to know, my little test with 3.8 beta and quadplane I didnt have a datalog, I thought about my SD card .

I did some more test flying today and I’m still having the issue where the plane is quite unstable when using Hybrid RTL once it arrives at the RTL coordinates. You can see it around the 19min point in the following log https://www.dropbox.com/s/u79iv225o7ku8du/00000007.BIN?dl=0

Anyone have any idea how I can get the Hybrid RTL to work better? As it is, I won’t be able to use it. I can land it manually without any problems at all using QStabilise and QLoiter.


What is your Q_ENABLE set to? and wind veining params. We previously had Q_Enable set to 2 and it caused a lot of issues.