Unstable automatic takeoff in GUIDED mode

Hello everyone,

My drone with Copter-4.1.0 installed tilts its attitude during automatic takeoff in guided mode.
The direction and magnitude of the tilt varies from flight to flight, and there have been times when the propeller made contact with the ground and the drone fell over.

When you take off manually in loiter mode, this phenomenon does not occur and the plane takes off in a straight line.

Do you have any suggestions on possible causes for the tilting of the plane’s attitude during an automatic takeoff?


I can’t be sure without logs but increasing WPNAV_SPEED_UP might help. Don’t increase it too much at a time. Take some steps and try.

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I tried increasing WPNAV_SPEED_UP, but it didn’t work.

Please send on-board logs of this flight to investigate further.

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I uploaded the log file.
Please download from the link below.

Your vehicle is badly tuned. I recommend you to follow tuning process. Then you can proceed.

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OK, I’ll try to readjust the tuning again.

Thanks for looking at the logs.

Were you able to solve the takeoff issue? We have the same problem on 4.1.5