Unresponsive com port

Im using mp on a w8 tablet , with total success at the beginning ,
About a month ago I started to suffer problems when connecting the apm2.5 via usb to the tablet. Its unable to connect when doing a software update , while trying to get connected it disconnects the tablet from WiFi .

If I only connect the tablet for configuration ot telemetry it works ok, even when the initial connection takes longer than normal.

One thing I have noticed is that the port name on the mp com port list , no longer appears with the 2560 name on it, I have verified the drivers on control panel and 2560 or there with no problems shown.Any ideas what could I try ?

Is IT possible that something was changed either from Mp , or the windows update , that changed the behavior of comm ports ?
Any ideas what to try, other info that may be useful to provide an hypothesys?

Thank you