Unresolved throttle FBWA problem

I still have this intermittent problem with throttle controlling aileron and elevator travel in FBWA mode on my APM2.0 on 3.4.

Sometimes in FBWA mode the more throttle I apply the less the aileron and elevator move. On zero throttle I get full travel. On full throttle they hardly move at all and it’s proportional to how much throttle I apply.

The strange thing is sometimes it doesn’t do it. Sometimes I switch everything on and all is fine. There’s no telling when it will happen.

Are you able to post any logs when the problem occurs?
I assume your seeing this problem during flight and not only when your on the ground testing? I say this as the plane on the ground will behave differently i.e. when on the ground and you up elevator and the plane doesn’t go up the autopilot will think it needs to put in more up elevator etc. Just saying that sometimes ground testing can show things that don’t happen in the air.
Thanks, Grant.